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Stratux Receiver ADS-B, with Weather, Traffic and AHARS Software included

Includes:   1. Dual Band Wi-Fi ADS-B receiver & GPS Antenna. Receives live weather, traffic and AHARS.   2. True Flight Moving Map software with ADS B Interface. 3. Two amp cigarette li

Cheetah Flight Pad GPS Tablet & ADS B Receiver with Weather ,Traffic & AHARS

Includes: 1. Windows 10 HD Display, Resolution (1920 x 1200),Stunning Image Quality, 50% More Clarity than standard Tablet. Powered by new generation IQuad Core 64-bit Intel Atom x5-Z8300 with In

Dual XGPS190 GPS + AHRS+ ADS-B Weather Receiver

Overview The XGPS190 features a WAAS GPS, dual band (978/1090 MHz) ADS–B receiver for weather & traffic information, and AHRS artificial horizon for EFB apps with synthetic vision. The receiver

PC Flight Systems AHARS with USB Connection

Runs on TrueMap software Features: Full EFIS system with pitch, yaw and roll Works with all of True Flight’s portable displays and panel mount systems Solid State w/ no moving parts. Same tec

SkyRadar-DX Dual Band (978+1090MHz) Receiver with built-in AHRS

Package contains: Dual band UAT/1090MHz SkyRadar receiver with built-in AHRS 2 attachable antennas (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) GPS Power cord to plug the receiver into cigarette lighter 4 Sticky bumpers S

SkyRadar-D2 Dual Band (978+1090MHz) Receiver (without AHRS)

Key features: SkyRadar-D’s operating frequencies are 978MHz and 1090 MHz and the latter conforms to DO-260 standard. Integrated on board WAAS capable (non TSO) 1Hz GPS receiver with remote antenna